Nyyfiiki in a Nutshell

Nyyfiiki Cultural Co-operative concentrates on research and productization of cultural heritage. Our expertise is based on a fruitful union of theoretical knowledge and practical skills. Areas of expertise

  • Study of history
  • Landscape studies
  • Cultural management
  • Digital culture
  • Visual arts and culture
  • Museology
  • Cultural heritage studies
  • Creative writing and dance

Our products and service

  • Research
  • Historical works and surveys
  • Historical landscape and building investigations
  • Courses and lectures
  • Exhibitions
  • Cultural travels and events
  • Translation and editorial services

Nyyfiiki was founded in Pori in 2006. Its 11 members are all educated in the University of Turku, School of Cultural Production and Landscape Studies, in University Consortium of Pori.

Email: firstname.lastname@nyyfiiki.fi